32.39% Growth in Marine Product Exports in Terms of US Dollar

In the year 2010-11, export of marine products registered a growth of 18.34% in quantity, 26.90% in the rupee value and 32.39% in terms of US$, as compared to previous year (MPEDA Annual Report : 2010-11).


The data on fish production given below shows a rising trend in seafood production:

(Production in ‘tonnes)

Year 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11
Production 7816090 7913932 8294689
% Change


+ 1.25% + 4.8%

(Source: NFDB)


The assistance released as grant-in aid for development for fish processing under the Scheme for TechnologyUpgradation/Modernization/ Establishment of Food Processing Industries in last three years is as under :


2008-09 – Rs.407.00 lakh

2009-10 – Rs. 396.00 lakh

2010-11 – Rs. 342.00 lakh

2011-12 – Rs.575.75 lakh (as on 23.03.2012)


This information was given by Dr. Charan Das Mahant, Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Processing Industries in written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha

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