London, Dec 22 (IANS) A European court has banned Britain from deporting asylum seekers from the country, saying it could infringe their human rights.

The European Court of Justice has banned their deportation back to Greece, a key entry point for illegal immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East heading for Britain.

However, it is now feared the ruling could lead to an explosion in ‘asylum shopping’, the Daily Express reported.

The row erupted Wednesday when the Luxembourg court – the EU’s highest legal authority – upheld claims of asylum seekers in Britain and Ireland.

Tory MP Priti Patel said: ‘This decision is an absolute disgrace that flies in the face of common sense. Once again, European judges are making a mockery of human rights.’

Thousands crossing the Turkish frontier into Greece are held in often degrading conditions in camps while claims are processed, the newspaper said.

Officials feared the Home Office could face a string of costly legal claims if they pressed ahead with deportations to Greece, it said.

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