Beijing, Nov 13 (IANS) Around 10,000 single young women and men in Shanghai attended one of the biggest matchmaking events held in the Chinese metropolitan city.

Speed dating was one of the main activities there Saturday. Each woman found a male partner and they were allowed to talk for eight minutes. When the clock stopped, they changed partners. If someone made a good impression, they could exchange contact information.

‘I collected several names and some cell numbers. But that’s that. I don’t know whether I’ll keep in touch with all of them,’ 32-year-old Zhao Junqi told Shanghai Daily.

He said he was a bit lost at the event, but there was nothing to worry about because it was not a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Some women were not so relaxed.

Cui Yi, 28, watched each man closely. She said she was worried that it would be hard to find a good husband as she gets older. But she too had many demands.

‘He needs to have an apartment. I think an apartment gives me a sense of security,’ she said.

While the singles talked, more than 4,000 parents were busy advertising their son’s or daughter’s marriage credentials.

‘My son couldn’t come as he had a training class today. I believe talking to parents also works. I can imagine how a woman is raised by the way her parents act,’ said a mother named Xue.

The event was organised by the Shanghai Matchmaking Trade Association.

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