Grid Connected Solar Capacity Increases from 2.5 MW in 2011 to 1040.67 MW In 2012

The Minister of New and Renewable Energy, Dr. Farooq Abdullah  informed Rajya Sabha that use of solar energy is increasing in the country. The total grid connected solar capacity, as on August, 2011 was 2.5 MW which has increased to 1040.67 MW as on July, 2012. He further informed that on the off-grid applications, funds to the tune of Rs. 28,709.07 lakhs were sanctioned in 2010-11 which increased to Rs. 55097.33 lakhs in 2011-12. The minister said the government, apart from Concessional Import duty, excise duty exemption, accelerated depreciation and tax holiday is also providing Generation based incentive and facility for bundled power for Grid connected Solar Power Projects through various interventions announced from time to time.

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