The towers put up by mobile phone operators do not affect the health of the people in nearby areas. Guidelines by International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has been adopted by Telecommunications Engineering Centre (TEC) of DOT regarding basic restriction and response levels for limiting Electro Magnetic Field exposures. Epidemiological studies on exposed workers and the general public have shown no major health effects associated with typical exposure environments (very near to Towers).

Government has also inserted a clause in the Service Licence Agreement stating “Licensee shall conduct audit and provide self certificates annually as per procedure prescribed by Telecommunications engineering Centre (TEC)/ or any other agency authorized by Licensor from time to time for conforming to limits/ levels for antennae (Base Station emissions) or general public exposure as prescribed by International Commission on Non- lionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) from time to time.

This reply was given by Shri Gurudas Kamat, Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology in Rajya Sabha

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  1. It is inconceivable that radiations from Mobile Phone Towers do not affect human health and well-being. Even if we are inside a rocky cave surrounded by dense vegetation or hidden inside a rocky pit in the bowels of the Earth, our mobile phones have range which means the atmosphere and our surroundings are saturated with radiations and unperceivable vibrations. It is known all over the world even to tiny children that our little mobile phone handsets are much harmful to human body. Who will deny saturated presence of unnatural radiations are harmful anyway to human body? Are the directives being kept and observed? And the sound pollution caused by these omnipresent mobile phone towers-almost all of them have diesel generators attached to them to substitute for electrical power. Never seen or heard about a costly noise-proof generator attached to a mobile phone tower. It is easy and cozy for those who live in sound-proofed Government-paid air-conditioned houses to turn faces away from urban and rural realities.

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