Herbal Care Product for Leucoderma Launched by DRDO

Lukoskin, a herbal product for Leucoderma developed by DRDO, was launched by Dr. W. Selvamurthy, Distinguished Scientist & Chief Controller Research & Development (Life Science & International Cooperation) in New Delhi, yesterday. The product will be a boon for the patients of Leucoderma and is backed by extensive R&D work by the scientists of Defence Institute of Bio-energy Research (DIBER) (formerly Defence Agricultural Research Laboratory), Haldwani. DIBER, a DRDO laboratory has carried out extensive work in the area of medicinal plant and is also engaged in R&D in generating bio-energy solutions for energy security. The product, Lukoskin, was developed under the leadership of Dr Narender Kumar, Ex Director DARL and his team. Special efforts in the development of this herbal product were made by Dr. P.S. Rawat, ex Head, Herbal Medicine Division and Dr. H.K. Pandey, Scientist presently heading Phyto-Chemistry Division at Pithoragarh. The herbal product will be available in the form of ointment and oral liquid. Dr. Zakwan Ahmed, Director – DIBER, Haldwani and Dr G Ilavazhagan, Director – Life Sciences have pursued the case to bring the product into the market and render much needed service to mankind. This herbal product would be a new hope and boon to the vitiligo affected person. Under the leadership and guidance of Dr. W. Selvamurthy, the ‘Transfer of Technology’ has been granted to the AIMIL Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd., New Delhi to manufacture and market this research product based on their technological and marketing credentials.

Leucoderma or vitiligo is an idiopathic acquired disorder of skin. Patients with vitiligo develop white spots in the skin with varying size and location. The world wide incidence of leucoderma has been reported 1-2%. In India, its incidence is around 4-5% in some parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat it is very high more than 5-8%. This skin disorder is considered as social stigma in our country and people confuse it with leprosy. The affected individuals are always remain in constant depression with the feeling of being socially outcast. There are many existing remedies of this disorder viz., allopathic, surgical and adjunctive. None of the therapies has satisfactorily cure of this disease. Secondly, these are either costly or single component based, with very low level of efficacy and develop blister, edema, irritation in the skin with the result most of the patients discontinue the treatment. The scientists of DIBER (DRDO) have therefore focused on the causes of disease (aetiology) and researched out a comprehensive formulation for the management of leucoderma from Himalayan herbs by exhaustive scientific studies led to the establishment of the safety and efficiency of the product which extends the benefits on all fronts with very good efficiency. Clinically, the product is quite effective and helps not only in restoring the normal complexion in the affected area but also relieves the affected ones from mental stress, emotional and psychological trauma and thereby, enhancing the confidence and efficiency.

The product was launched by Dr. W Selvamurthy in the presence of Dr. Narender Kumar, Dr. Zakwan Ahmed, Dr. G Ilavazhagan, Mr. KK Sharma, Managing Director, AIMIL Pharmaceuticals and senior officials of DRDO and AIMIL Pharmaceuticals.

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  1. ritu gupt says:

    Sir…. my four year old is suffering from Vitiligo… 2inches white patches are on both side of waistline area…pl help in this regards….thanks

  2. pradhan kumar says:

    Dear sir. my son suffering from vrtilgo….please guide for treatment.

  3. Umesh kumar singh says:

    need full information of drug with the brand name and method of use

  4. sir,pl give name of medicin nd how to use.both brother suffering from lucoderma.

  5. jay says:

    sir pls help me ….i want to know full details of the drug……….thank u sir

  6. H. N. Pradhan says:

    I shall be grateful if you kindly advise the most effective
    medicines for my son who is suffering from leukoderm for a decade.I look forward to receive your valuable advice by return
    mail. Best regards.

  7. Sushil Pradhan says:

    I am suffering from leukoderma since 1990. Therefore, if you can help me for cure.

    Thanking you.


  8. manoj kumar says:

    In mumbai where we may get the medicine, please advise.

  9. DATARAM says:

    please furnish the name of the distributor of lukoskin at Delhi

  10. DATARAM says:

    please give the name and address of distributor of lukoskin in Delhi

  11. kanaiyalal mistry says:

    i m suffering since 6 years,pl let me know from where i can get in mumbai & how to utilise medicine.my age is 59 years.thanks

  12. smt.chandrakala sahu says:

    I am suffring from vitligo since 3Year.I have 3Inches white paches on my face and thigh.Please give me suggesion for required medicine. Thanks.

  13. Ravi jindal says:

    Sir i m suffering from vitiligo problem since 5 years before. I want the name of medicines and how it has to use. And how much time will be aken for cureness.

  14. R SINHA says:

    I am 70 years of age and have been suffering from VITILIGO, affecting me at skull, palms, fingers, legs below knees and private parts, for the last 2 years. I went under treatment of a skin specialist and continued medication namely Neosoralin tab,Defza-6 tab and skin ointment Fulativate for 1 1/2 years but of no avail.
    Kindly advise.

  15. v.pradhan says:

    how to get medicine?

    please send the address of shpe where medicicne is aiblable.

  16. payal says:

    i m suffering from lucoderma & how to get medicine ? please inform.

  17. gopal sharma says:

    der sir i need the medicen but im poor parsn so can tel me about this medicen for lucoderma how can i tek and his prises is wts i have pay ? pls in mumbai i m need pls reply to me

  18. DILIP SHUKLA says:

    Sir,I with my mother suffering from leucoderma since 1995.I am 47 yrs old.please advise the medicine and availability in Jamshedpur urgently th mail.Thanks

  19. Aditya Mathur says:

    Sir, After a longtime some hope is seen, Pl. mail the details for cure urgently.

  20. wasim says:

    my sister suffering from lucoderma from 9 yrs her age is 11 yrs now please advice medicine available for it and how to use (we live in mumbai)

  21. Pooja says:

    Dear sir,

    I am suffering from deocoderma from last 2 year it goes in winter and comes back in summer on many body parts . please help me .How soon this dukoskin will help me to get rid of patches and will not come back again ? Please help sir…..

  22. GOPAL KRISHAN says:

    Sir my ten year old daughter is suffering from leucoderma what i should do please guide me.Back ground of deases—
    a. Start from eye when she was two years old gradually spred over arms, hand ,leg ,chest, leap etc.but all are in small parts.

  23. manoj tiwari says:

    dear sir i am suffering from lukoderma since2004.pl advise me the medicine and availability at Vadodara gujarat

  24. Ashwani Mittal says:

    My son, 14 yrs is suffering from leucoderma for the last 9 yrs. Treatment is regularly being on, but spreading on both feet and hands Lukoskin ia also being given for the last 3 months but still spreading, frankly speaking, no results occur, please help

  25. Ashwani Mittal says:

    sir, should I continue the use of Lukoskin

  26. Junaid says:

    sir i am suffring from leucoderma since 9 yrs. please give me full detail of medicine or address of clinic.

  27. Sanjay says:

    The product, Lukoskin, was developed under the leadership of Dr Gouri Shanker Verma and his team. Special efforts in the development of this herbal product were made by Dr.Gouri Shanker Verma & his team and in this blog wrong information given by drdo managment of pithiragarh

  28. Sanjay says:

    The herbal product will be available in the form of ointment and oral liquid.

    Kindly confirm the where I from collect the above herbal product. these products successfully launch by 2003-2004 by drdo and copy right sell to AIMIL Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd., New Delhi above herbal products not launch by Amil till date in india why ?? Bez his right sell to usa company

  29. qureshi says:

    need details of this product

  30. RANI SANJITH says:

    I am suffering from Lucoderma for 8 years . Please know the medicine and clinic if in Mumbai for Lucoderma.

  31. Amarjit says:

    I am suffering from Lucoderma for 2 years.
    Pl let me know the remedy.

  32. nathan says:

    sir, pls give me u r adress to buy medicine for my friend daughter leucoderma

  33. Tousif Reja says:

    Respected sir,
    I am suffering from Vitiligo since 2003 and presently spread various parts of the body i.e. head, face,fingers, legs,chest, ear etc. I had taken treatment many doctors from the 1st stage through Alopathy, Homiopathy and Aurvedic but gradually increase.Now I am hopeless. Kindly help me.

  34. Dharmandar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I m suffering from Vitiligo from last 20 years.& it covered 45% of my body. Is it possible to cure it.

  35. birendra kumar says:

    my daughter is suffering from lucoderma for 9 years. pl. guide me for treatment.

  36. ravi says:

    sir, i am suffering from vitiligo and i have patches on my whole body .. plz, tell me the ointment for increasing vitiligo patches so that my skin tone looks equal.. plz, look on this matter sir


  37. Aslam pravez says:

    Sir i m suffering from vitiligo problem since 5 years before. I want the name of medicines and how it has to use. And how much time will be taken for cureness.and i have patches on my rt.side abdominal lower side.

  38. s. pradhan says:

    Dear sir,inform Indore distributor address @ phone no.

  39. sujeet says:

    l am

  40. ankit kumar says:

    dear sir, my brother is suffering form lucoderma for 6 years and Treatment is regularly being on.now my father is also suffering same disease for 3 months. I want the name of medicines and how it has to use. And how much time will take for cureness. pls help thank u

  41. s.prasad says:

    what are the side effects of leaukoskin?

  42. jatinderchhabra says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering lucoderma white spots all over in my body from last one year and same problem facing my wife since 10 years she has tried allopathic,homeopathic,ayurvedic,medicine but not got any benifit out of all courses so please suggest us we both are getting deppresse .

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