Inter-State Water Disputes

At present there are 5 no. of inter-State river water disputes referred under Inter State River Water Disputes (ISRWD) Act, 1956. Their details are as follows:





States concerned

Date of Reference to the Central Government

Date of Reference to the Tribunal

Present Status
1. Ravi & Beas

Punjab,Haryana and Rajasthan


April, 1986

Report under section 5(2) given in April, 1987. A Presidential Reference in the matter is before Supreme Court and the matter is sub-judice.Further report under Section 5(3) pending
2. Cauvery

Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Naduand Pudducherry

July, 1986

June, 1990

Report under section 5(2) given on 5.2.2007.Special Leave Petition (SLP) filed by party States in Hon’bleSupreme Courtpending and the matter is           sub-judice.Further report under Section 5(3) pending
3. Krishna

Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh andMaharashtra

September, 2002 – January, 2003

April, 2004

Report under section 5(2)  given on 30.12. 2010. Further report under Section 5(3) to be given.
4. Mahadayi(Mandovi)

Goa, Karnataka andMaharashtra

July, 2002

November, 2010

Report under section 5(2) to be given
5. Vansadhara

Andhra Pradesh &Orissa

February, 2006

March, 2010

Report under section 5(2) to be given



The Committee on Allocation of Natural Resources (CANR) under the Chairmanship of Shri Ashok Chawla hasinteralia recommended that “the Committee sees an urgent need to have a comprehensive national legislation on water. This can be either done through bringing water under the Concurrent List and then framing the appropriate legislation; or, by obtaining consensus from a majority of the States that such a “framework law” is necessary and desirable as a Union enactment”. As per the report of the Committee on allocation of Natural Resources, the National law needs to define the position on riparian rights, so as to resolve inter-State disputes amicably.

This information was given by the Minister of State for Water Resources & Minority Affairs Shri Vincent H. Pala in a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha

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