London, Nov 30 (IANS) A 57-year-old paralysed man in Britain has asked a court to allow a doctor to ‘lawfully’ end his life of ‘uncertainty, pain, and suffering’.

Tony Nicklinson is paralysed below the neck. He is unable to speak and needs help with every aspect of his life. He can only move his eyes and head and communicates using eye blinks, the Daily Express reported.

Nicklinson wants a ruling from the family division of the London High Court that allows a doctor to end his ‘indignities’.

However, solicitors said the case raises ‘difficult legal and moral questions’ about euthanasia or mercy killing.

Nicklinson, who is married and has two daughters, suffered a stroke in 2005.

In a statement issued by his lawyers, he said: ‘I want to be able to die at home with a drug which a doctor could give me so I can go to sleep peacefully with my family around to say goodbye to me.’

‘That would be a good death. But what I have to look forward to is a wretched ending with uncertainty, pain, and suffering while my family watch on helplessly. Why must I suffer these indignities? Why is life so cruel?’

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