Production, Consumption , Export ,Import of Spices In India

The details of production, consumption and export /import of coconut, turmeric, black pepper, cashew and other major spices are as given in the annexure.

The most effective measure for stabilizing prices of horticulture crops including spices is to establish good Post Harvest Management infrastructure in the Country for which Government provides assistance under National Horticulture Mission (NHM) and Horticulture Mission for North-East and Himalayan States (HMNEH). This includes establishment of cold storages, setting up of terminal markets, whole sale markets and rural primary markets/apni mandies to ensure adequate supply of Horticulture produce to the consumers at reasonable prices. National Horticulture Board(NHB) is also implementing a scheme “Capital Investment Subsidy for Construction/Expansion/Modernization of Cold Storages for Horticulture Produce”.

In order to make available sufficient quantity of quality spices for export, the Spices Board is implementing programmes for post harvest improvement and organic cultivation of spices.  In case of cardamom, Spices Board issues Auctioneer & Dealer Licenses and facilitates of e-auction to regulate domestic market.

Coconut Development Board is also implementing  schemes for the production of quality processed products from coconuts. In order to support the farmers from the prices crash and contain the prices from falling further, procurement under the Price Support Scheme is in operation in the major coconut growing states under the auspices of NAFED.

The Quality Evaluation Laboratory of Spices Board at Tuticorin has already been established.  The installation of the equipments is in progress and the lab is likely to start functioning by September 2012.


            For ensuring quality of the spices exported from India, mandatory pre-shipment sampling & testing has been introduced by the Spices Board in the case of turmeric,chilli, ginger, nutmeg and sugar coated fennel for illegal dye Sudan I-IV and Aflatoxin.  Apart from this, Spices Board is also introducing mandatory sampling and  testing of export consignments of chili, chilli products, cumin and cumin products from India to Japan for pesticides viz., Ethion, Iprobenphos, Triazophos and Profenofos with effect from 01.09.2012.  Only with cleared analytical report obtained from the Spices Board, these spices are allowed to be shipped from the country.  The Board has established quality evaluation laboratories in Kochi, Mumbai, Chennai and Guntur.  New labs are going to be operational in New Delhi and Tuticorin. Similarly, CEPC has established a Lab and Technical Dvision to ensure the quality of the cashew.


As regards, coconut, in addition to quality certification under BIS/Agmark for the various products from coconut and ISO certification for the units to ensure quality of product and the manufacturing process for the units assisted under TMOC, Board extends Market Promotion support to units undertaking processing of coconut.


Item   Year



000’ MT



Estimated Domestic Consumption (Tons)

Quantity (Tons)

Value (Rs.Crs.)

Quantity (Tons)

Value (Rs.Crs.)




 2009-10 10824 98071.08


219.76 84510.27




Mature Nuts: 50% out of which 92% for domestic consumption (7236 million nuts) and 8% for industrial consumption (629 million nuts)
 2010-11 10840 87947.93


270.15 36583.12




 2011-12 14006



upto October

255.45 uptoOctober 23567.37 uptoOctober 42.21 uptoOctober





 2009-10 793 50,750 381.23 4450 20.87 705290
 2010-11 993 49,250 702.85 3900 42.20 758072
 2011-12 1062 79,500 734.34 2325 30.60 NA
Black Pepper



 2009-10 51 19,750 313.93 18100 234.66 44000
 2010-11 52 18,850 383.18 16100 270.11 44000
 2011-12 42 26,700 720.78 17565 533.49 40000
Cashew  2009-10 613 129218 2829.22 755959 3047.50 NA
 2010-11 675 117806 2853.16 529370 2649.56 NA
 2011-12 720 145335 4450.14 809371 5337.76 NA
Other Spices  2009-10 3172 432250 4865.34 84150 844.93 Approximately     90 percent of the spice production of the country is consumed
 2010-11 4305 457650 5754.68 66775 863.20
 2011-12 4622 469070 8328.30 91246 1530.39

This information was given by the Minister of State  for Commerce & Industry Shri Jyotiraditya M. Scindia  in written reply to a question in Lok  Sabha

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    could you provide information on state wise consumption of Spices in last 5 yrs in India. Thanks.

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