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All the candidates appearing for APTET, July, 2011 are informed to make note of thechange in the ‘design’ of the OMR Answer Sheet and hence a change in the ‘instruction’ with regard to handing over of the OMR Answer Sheet to the invigilator after the examination  at point 17 q. (Page 12) of the Information Bulletin. Change in the design: OMR Answer Sheet is one single sheet consisting of  only one PART without any perforation. Side I of the OMR Answer Sheet contains instructions for usingthe OMR Answer Sheet.  Side II contains pre-printed particulars of the candidate, space for signature of the candidate, signature of the invigilator, booklet code and bubbles toanswer the Question Booklet.   Change in instruction: After completing the examination the candidate should handover the OMR Answer Sheet to the invigilator as it is (Intact).  Do not fold or tear the OMR AnswerSheet.


Read the instructions carefully before answering.

Do not Fold,Tear,Wrinkle or Staple the OMR sheet. Use Black Ball Point Pen to shade the circles

1. Candidate’s Name, Father’s Name, Hall Ticket Number, Photograph and otherparticulars are printed on the OMR Answer Sheet. Make sure that the OMR AnswerSheet given to you contains your Name, Photograph and other particulars. In case of anydiscrepancy, the OMR Answer Sheet should be shown to the invigilator. If the data doesnot match, you will be given a Buffer OMR Answer Sheet, wherein you are expected to fillin the Hall Ticket Number, Name, Father’s Name, Paper Number, Subject, Medium andTest Center Name in the appropriate places.

2. Do not tamper the Barcode and Black reference points on SIDE – II.

3. Shade the circles corresponding to the answers Completely.

4. Answer all the questions. There is no negative marking for incorrect answer.

5. Shade one answer only for each question as indicated below.

Some Technical Details About OMR Sheets


OMR Sheets also known as bubble sheets have circles or elliptical bubbles or boxes as response areas. Mark your response only in the space provided for the purpose. Response marked elsewhere will not be considered.

  • The circles/boxes on the OMR Sheet should be filled with due care.
  • Avoid partial filling or spilling out.
  • Completely darken the respective circle for your response.
  • First fill the circles/boxes in the OMR sheet completely and then darken the filled circles/boxes.
  • OMR sheet has to be filled using Blue/Black Pen or HB pencil.
  • Please fill the appropriate OMR circles with due care. Avoid over-writing on OMR Sheet.
  • You may change a mark by completely erasing the wrongly filled circle.
  • The erasure should be complete and without any smudges as partially erased mark may lead to wrong reading by the highly sensitive OMR Software.
  • All OMR sheet have index points that are crucial to their functioning. Do not mark anything on or near Index Points or Timing Track of OMR sheet.
  • Any change in Timing Track and OMR sheet identification block will lead to rejection of the OMR sheet and no result will be generated for such OMR sheets.
  • Mark multiple bubbles only in case of MCQs or multiple choice questions. If you mark more than one circle in a single choice question the answer will be considered as being wrong.

Avoid these points while filling OMR Sheets/OMR Forms:

  • There are ‘DO NOT WRITE’ areas demarcated on any OMR Sheet. Please do not write or mark on OMR Sheet outside the demarcated areas.
  • Do not make any stray marks on the OMR Sheet.
  • Do not tick or overfill the OMR circles.
  • Do not use whitener or blade to hide marks on OMR Sheet.
  • Do not pin or staple anything with the OMR Sheet.
  • OMR Sheet should not be punched or tied.
  • The OMR Sheet/OMR Form should not be folded.


Medium wise Syllabus For AP TET
Bengali Hindi
Gujarathi Kannada
Hindi Oriya
Kannada Sanskrit
Marathi Tamil
Oriya Telugu
Tamil Urdu
Telugu Marathi



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  1. ch vandana says:

    why we r require this we already know about omr because we already appeared for d.sc

  2. rohini says:

    why we have to bring omr sheet?

  3. Amrita says:

    I marked a circle wrongly in t OMR sheet in t roll no. area and t invigilator helped me erase it almost completely wid an ink eraser… I had entered t no. Correctly but while shading t circles this happened.. Wil it lead to t rejection of my answer sheet.. Am very anxious… Kindly guide.. Thanks..

  4. mahe says:

    I forgot to shade my roll number in OMR sheet but I wrote correctly in digits in trb 2012 (tamilnadu)…will my answer sheet rejected pls anyone answer me.i m so sad….pls reply me wat wil happen??????????????

  5. Sankar. S says:

    Initially I wrote 2 digits wrongly in OMR sheet for the answer sheet number. Afterwards I have overwritten the two digits , remaining digits are correct for the Answer sheet number in OMR sheet. I shaded correctly all the digits. Please any one tell me , whether my answer sheet will reject or not. Thanks

  6. vivek shukla says:

    pls. conf. i bring the omr sheet compulsory.

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