Construction of big dams/reservoirs on rivers at suitable locations are considered as permanent solution to floods, especially if dedicated fold cushion is provided in the storage reservoirs. Big dams moderate the floods in downstream by way of releasing controlled discharge through spillway. Panchewshwar Multipurpose Project on river Sharda (Mahakali in Nepal), Saptakosi High Dam Project on river Kosi and West Rapti (Naumure) Multipurpose Project on river West Rapti are under discussion with the Government of Nepal. These high dam projects, on implementation, would provide benefits to people of India and Nepal, both, in the form of hydro-power, irrigation and flood moderation.

Government of India is in constant dialogue with the Government of Nepal for which a three tier mechanism consisting of Joint Ministerial level Commission on water Resources (JMCWR) co-chaired by Ministers of Water Resources of India of India and Nepal, Joint committee on Water Resources (JMWR) at the level of Secretaries of Water Resources of India and Department of Energy of Nepal and Joint Standing Technical Committee (JSTC) exists.

During the 5th meeting of JCWR held recently from 20-22 November, 2009 at Pokhara (Nepal), the terms of reference for establishment of Pancheshwar Development Authority (PDA) for development, execution and operation of Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project have been jointly finalized.

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  1. redhu says:

    is the dams in India to protect Bangladesh are enough ?

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