Taming the Haqqanis: Why is Pak ready to cooperate with US?

PAKISTAN agreeing with the US to launch a joint military operation against the Haqqani network of extremists indicates that something bigger may happen in the Af-Pak region. As Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Sherry Rehman has pointed out, the Pakistan government “is committed to moving with the US in (achieving) many shared goals”. Perhaps, Islamabad had been told clearly during recent meetings in Washington DC between officials of the two countries, including CIA chief David Petraeus and ISI head Lt-Gen Zaheer-ul-Islam, that it had to choose between the Haqqanis, patronised by the ISI, and the US financial and military aid. Obviously, Islamabad had no choice but to accede to the US demand because Pakistan’s economy is in deep trouble with the Saudis being the only major aid providers. And the Saudis have their limitations under the circumstances when they have to spend considerably on protecting their interests in West Asia.

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