Time not ripe for Rahul’s big time – Nirbed Roy

Rahul Gandhi realises that the nature of politics has changed since Indira and Rajiv’s times. He is a very capable young man, but he needs to put in a few more years of hard work before taking the big step.

Rahul Gandhi has taken a decision to take the plunge so to speak. To quote him “the decision (to take more responsibility) has been taken, the timing is up to the leadership.” The party also claims that he is prepared to take up more responsibilities.

Well, like any other Congress man he has the right to take his own decisions. There should not be any misgiving regarding the genuineness of his intentions. One is sure that he has ruminated intensely to arrive at a decision as important as this.

However, the question is whether he is capable enough to take charge at a time when India is facing grave socio-economic challenges. The chronic recession, stifling inflation, fractured electoral mandates, rising regionalism, and the exigencies of running coalition governments represent but few of the problems before him. Then there are issues like FDI-in-retail, pension bill and other contentious issues straining alliance politics.

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